Energy Energy Fruit
Japanese Name: かっき実
English Name: Energy Energy Fruit Fruit
Meaning: Energy, Liveliness
First Appearance:
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Ahatake Kurosaki

The Kakki Kakki no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which makes the user immune to flames or lightning (any form of plasma) and gives them the ability to create and manipulate various forms of "Ki" (気), the life energy that resides in all living creatures. "Kakki" is a Japanese term for energy or liveliness, which fits with the user being able to control and manipulate the life energy of himself and others. This fruit was eaten by Ahatake Kurosaki.


Strengths and Weaknesses

The Kakki Kakki no Mi allows the user to withstand attacks from lightning and fire without suffering much damage at all (the reason for this is still unknown). But it's most well known ability is the manipulation of "ki" into energy, and therefore possess many long rage, high damage attacks. The Kakki Kakki no Mi also enables the user to survive without oxygen in areas where life energy is able to be absorbed.


Ahatake always uses his techniques in a very reckless way, not caring about whether he gets hurt or not.


Kakki Kakki no Mask (かっきマスク Energy Energy Mask): A technique Ahatake constantly uses, by gather "ki" from his surroundings, Ahatake forms a demonic, skull like mask over his face. This mask feeds him "ki" slowly, and enhances his strength, speed, and endurance, as well as making his attacks stronger. When the energy runs out, the mask shatters, though can be restored an infinite number of times. Ahatake's sclera and irises turn black and golden respectively when the mask is in use.

Kakki Kakki no Gas Mask (かっきガスマスク Energy Energy Gas Mask): Despite having "mask" in the name, Kakki Kakki no Gas Mask forms no mask, but is named such as it allows Ahatake to survive underwater or in poison. The Kakki Kakki no Mi's only permanent alteration to the body is that it allows the user to thrive on life energy in place of oxygen. Due to this, Ahatake can avoid drowning when thrown into the water (as long as it not too deep, or he will die from the pressure eventually), and survive when poisoned, by draining the life energy of microbes.

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