Kairoseki Island is the central mining facility of the Marines and World Government of Kairoseki, it is also known to be a prison of Devil Fruit pirates with a bounty of 500,000,000beli or more. As the central hub for keeping dangerous devil fruit users under watch, it is rumored to have the most powerful Devil fruits kept there. While the island it self is relatively small the island connects miles down to the sea floor where all mining activates take place. The island is most identifiable by the incredibly large kairoseki tower in the center.

Kairoseki Tower

The center of the island and main prison hold of the island.The worlds most dangerous Devil Fruit users are kept here. The tower is made of solid kairoseki so all fruit users are rendered powerless within the tower or even in proximity to it . The tower is thought to be over 100ft high and go over three miles underground to the central mining shaft. The tower is made up fo six levels, Which hold the only six prisoners. Prisoners are left to fend for themself and die in the ever expanding tower.Known prisoners are

Main shaft

Fruit Ring

Whenever a pirate crew is capture in range of the island all their loot and treasure is kept in a large kairoseki ring that encircles the entire island. It is known as the “Fruit ring” by local marines and miners for the fact that some of the worlds most dangerous devil fruits are stored here. effetely keeping all power hungry pirates from obtaining an new weapon. Some known fruits are:

These fruits are thought to be so dangerous by the world government that no one marine or pirate should ever consume them.

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