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Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Kain is a tremendously powerful swordsman who has immense potential to overcome even the greatest swordsman. Even at the age of sixteen, his physical strength is almost equivalent to that of a vice admiral and Navy defeated a veteran himself with absolute power and technique alone. Kain is one of the fastest espadachims worldwide.

Kain had several occasions in which he showed his speed to use the sword being able to face a master in melee at the same speed.

He shows have tremendous physical strength demostrada in his first battle against Wall, Kain destroio an entire city during the confrontation that eventually get both disabled.


Having trained all his life to become the best swordsman in the world he had to overcome human limits reaching a new level of skills, Kain proves to be able to wield two swords bigger than he and heavier than him. Current pessa his sword over 10 tons being made Kairoseki.

Its great strength and skill to wield his sword allows you to create up relampagos able to stun a giant and even kill a normal person.

Kain is shown by not being able to control when one sees a battle between swordsmen he attacks everything and everyone who meddle in front being friend or foe.


During his trip to Wall, Kain has shown repeatedly abil be using Haki, being able to use it in conjunction with their skills as swordsman. Kain learned the two basic types of Haki that are Kenbushoku Haki Haki and Haoshoku.

Kenbushoku Haki

Kain dominated this type of Haki to perfection being skilful enough to use it.

Busoshoku Haki

Kain dominated this type of Haki to perfection being skilful enough to use it. ==Trivia==