Kai as a book.

Kai is a member of the Golden Apple Pirates 2 , and is a close friend to it's captain, Diana Caldur who found him on an unmarked island in the Grand Line, where Madge Griffin resides.


Kai is a purple, leather bound book.


Kai (despite that he is a book) is a very easy-going person, often remaining calm and joking around. He is no stranger to scarcasm and has a postive outlook on life.

Ablities and Powers

Kai has no phsyical ablities, but is the informant to the crew. .He can pull up any information to his pages from books all around the world.  He can choose wethier to open himself or not, an example of this when the Blood Pirates tried to open him, he shut his pages. It allows him to pick who he trust to acess any information in world. 


Not much is known about his past, though it is revealed that he had once been a normal human. Madge Griffin has also stated that she had known him when he was human. He had somehow gotten onto the island before Diana Caldur found him. He had trusted her almost at once, and opened his pages to her. She offered him a spot on her crew, which he accepted.


  • Kai and Kaori West remain close friends on the crew.
  • He has a total of 201 blank pages that can acess information.

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