The Kabe Kabe no Mi is is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allow the user to create walls.

Strength and Weakness

It allows the user to erect walls from any surface as a defensive array. These walls are only as strong as the force that strikes them so in a sense they cannot be destroyed because they increase in strength the stronger the attack is. They also cannot be destroyed by collateral effects such as freezing or melting. This fruit can even withstand the powerful shockwaves of the Gura Gura no mi. As long as the wall is erected no force can go through but they can gor around above and under unless they are blocked specifically in those directions as well.


Basic Wall: This is the basic technique. It erects an impenatrable wall before the user.

Barrier Cube: This attack erects walls around an opponent to seal them in an inescapable box. The only escape from this is to tunnel underground.

Labyrinth: A complex form created by summoning a large mass of walls. This is meant to detain and confuse multiple opponents. It can be made so that the walls are extremely high or the cieling closes off the top so escape is nearly impossible.

Pros and Cons

This fruit possesses no offensive capabilities though is the worlds strongest defense. The user must also have space in which to rais a wall and a substance from which to raise it. that being said the user cannot erect walls underground seeing as there is no space to erect them unless inside a tunnel. The user also cannot form wall out of water, air, mist, cloud etc. Only solid matter may produce a wall. Weaknesses to Water are evident but the walls can block Haki and Kairoseki though both can in large degrees shatter the walls.