Kābon Kābon no Mi (Carbon Carbon Fruit): The Kābon Kābon no Mi's is a Paramecia-type Devil, which allows the user to re-arrange the configuration of carbon atoms of his/her body, allowing him/her to convert his skin into Graphene, thus making him/her a Carbon Human (Kābon Ningen). This Fruit has all of the standard Devil Fruit weakness such as: Sea Stone, Sea-salt water, Armament Haki although it requires a master of the Haki to bypass the Graphene.

The user can use this ability to partially strengthen the density of selected parts of his/her body during battle, but can extend the effect to its entirety. In this form, he/she resembles a black-skinned demon with only two glowing white narrowed eyes. As he/she has control over the configuration of his/her body's carbon atoms, the substances that he/she can convert his/her skin into can vary based on his/her intentions. He/she can choose to convert his/her skin into the indestructible substance, or he can turn his skin into weak graphite. Though he/she prefers to use his/her ultimate shield to form claws covering up to his/her shoulders (thereby summoning makeshift weapons at will), leaving much of his/her body vulnerable to attack.


Idea for the Carbon Carbon Fruit -

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