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Joven Zen(Young Zen, or Young Meditation) is the relatively-sized town and home of the Kan-jin and rests a fair distance beneath Orochi-olmo and Dai Zen, yet still several kilometers above Kanwa.

One part of the trench system runs along the sides of Joven Zen as a permanent seperation from the upper tiers of San Zen Island where the Alder San live. As descendants of wholly-Monk lineage they are treated poorly; yet still elevated in status above the fate of the Paria San so far below them.

For the most part Joven Zen uses a combination of critically placed stones as supports- either at the focal point of two different walls at top and bottom or running along the floor. Through an interlocking system the two blend very smoothly and efficently for the lack of resources available.

Glass is an unheard-of invention considering how troublesome it is to forge under the sea at Joven Zen's depth and as a result the pressure of the ocean currents can be mildly felt on most any day and night.

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