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The Journey of Orochi-olmo is one of the greatest of rites capable of being passed down by the most revered of the Alder San to their lessers within the city of Dai Zen. In it ten trials must be undertaken in order to deem if that user is worthy of succeeding from Dai Zen and moving on to the ultimate paradise that is Orochi-olmo.

History of usage

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The Ten Trials

  1. Ancestrial purity; a demonstration of the line between Monk and Plant, leading back without loss to within three generations.
  2. Foreknowledge; a demonstration of one's ability to anticipate an action before it is committed.
  3. Lethality; a demonstration of the proficiency one wields with a weapon.
  4. Understanding; a demonstration of one's willingness to obey the orders given.
  5. Acceptance; a demonstration of one's trust in one self to succeed.
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