Joshua is the shipwright for the Blackjack Pirates. He is a 17 year old boxer and martial artist and was introduced in the story as the leader of the group Sharks, a group of ship dismantlers and thieves. Joshua and followers were originally introduced as antagonists against the Blackjack crew until circumstances forced them to become allies. He is the seventh member of the Blackjack crew. He is also the second member to have been a former villain (the first being Ciel).


As a direct result of his martial arts training, as well as years having spent as a ship dismantler, underground boxer, and gang leader, Joshua is a powerfully built man with a height of at least seven feet, and he is the tallest member of the Blackjacks. His upper body is a well-sculpted and relatively enormous. He takes great pride in his body and power.(These attributes greatly resemble that of the a bodybuilder). He has short black hair that is kept spiked up in the front. His usual choice of clothing usually comprises of a black sleeveless shirt, a black and green jacket (with the sleeves cut off with his gangs emblem on the back, green shorts and green and black shoes.


Joshua is strong-willed and free-spirited, with an often blatant disregard for rules. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants, though he usually wants little more than to build powerful ships or and to live a problem free life Joshua is often considered a crybaby by those who know him despite his imposing figure. He seldom shows his emotions as he thinks its makes him look weak Depending on the situation and the people he is dealing with, Joshua can be quite an bully for the bully, as he is quick to take advantage of other people and take action only if need be, he also holds the belief that no matter what a person has done in the past, they shouldn't be punished by those that had nothing to do with it. This often causes him to befriend and defend the wrongfully feared and persecuted. Because of his unbiased and protective attitude, he is quick in making friends and allies with the most unlikely of individuals, such as street thugs and pirates. He is seen as a 'big brother' figure, and is admired by many for his efforts to protect them,Ezekiel and Joshua share the most personality traits, with the exception of fighting needlessly, and both grew to respect each other during the time spent on the seas and fighting enemies.

He has a running gag of being hurt by small little things(such as a girl kicking him and crying but being able to take a direct cannonball with little to no injury.

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