John Rodman(ジョンロッドマン Jon Roddoman) is the first-mate of Drake's crew. He is the second strongest pirate in the White Fang Pirates and is feared as the "Tekken"(鉄拳 Iron Fist).

John Rodman
Japanese Name
Romanized name
Jon Roddoman
Pirate, First Mate
"The Tekken" (鉄拳 Iron Fist)
Devil Fruit


Noble and Strong these words do well to describe the personality of John, he is a man who is always ready for the unexpected. He and Drake are great friends and usually fight side by side. He is guy who loves a good joke but believes there is a time and place for everything, that tense situation should be treated as the name infers and usually scolds his captain for being too carefree in one sided battles. John believes that you should never underestimate a person no matter their persona,appearance, lack of reputation. Rodman has complex views on the world and usually calls the World Government " hypocrites who appease the celestial dragons far too much".


Abilities and Powers

Being the first mate it can already be inferred that he wields incredible power. In all actually he is indeed an incredibly powerful combatant who strikes fear into his enemies. John's physical prowess is top class and can match any physical fighter, also john is the only world renown pirate who uses martial arts and has no devil fruit. John is a kenpo master and has masters several other martial arts styles, this he is feared as the "Tekken"(Iron Fist). John has a great deal of physical strength at his disposal.


John has a mastery of Busōshoku Haki and also can use Kenbunshoku Haki. He can fight and has fought logia combatants before.


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