John Roberts a.k.a. the Sparrow is the captain of the White Sparrow Pirates. He is one of the best swordsmen


John Roberts

in the world. He is in posession of the Kuroiken, an aincent "cursed' sword.


John has white spiky hair and white piercing eyes. He wears a white jacket and a blue undershirt. He also wears black leggings and blue fingerless gloves that cover up to his elbows. His jacket's sleeves are short and show off battle-scars all over his arms.


John is a very serious person. He never really likes to kick back and relax. He mostly spends his time reserching his friends and enemies. He is ruthless in battle even when it's just training or sparing. Inspire of this he is very caring towards his friends and comrades. However he does have the tendency to insult his enemies and friends calling them "worthless" or "trash". He got his nickname (Sparrow) because of his incredible speed.


Kuroiken: (Black Sword) is and aincent "cursed" sword that John took from "Yagashi the Death God" after beating him in battle. It gives John the ability to slash through any sort of material (gas, liquid, solid). It was once used to cut a small lake in half.

Pistols: John also has two silver pistols


- Inhuman Speed: John Roberts was born with incredible inhuman speed. This is how he got the nicknamed Sparrow.

- Inhuman Strenght: John Roberts was born with incredible inhuman strenght.

- Tei Tei no Mi: (Air Air Fruit) When he was 10-years old John ate the Hae Hae no Mi Devil Fruit. With that he got the ability to manipulate air. He fully mastered this power to the point where he can grab and shift air into diffrent weapons (mostly a sword) and walk on air.


- vs Zorro (no conclusion)

- vs Dracule Mihawk (lost)

- vs Sanji (won)

- rematch with Dracule Mihawk (won)

- Black Beard's undead corps (won)


The 4 Sword Gods


- John Roberts is the real name of Bartholomeo Roberts (an infamous Welsh Pirate).

- His favorite food is sushi and his least favorite food is lambchops.

- His dream is to kill the 4 Sword Gods.

- John's best friend is Elisa Kilibrew (she is also his first mate and the only person that John never insults)

- The bounty on his head is [1]200,000,000

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