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Jim Nagoro
Age 18
Birth name Jim Nagoro
Also known as Spiral Empror
Birth Date June 28
Height 6'4"
Weight 180 Ibs
Origin Manistan
Gender Man
Blood Typ hot
Occupation(s) Pirate Captain
Affiliation Great Man Brigade
Bounty Use your imagination
Love a mans soul, axes and his gf
Devil Fruit Otoko Otoko no Mi


like ryoma from geter robot accept his eyebrows are bigger and his jacket is red his scarf is green. his sideburns are also different.

Abilities and Powers

hes like ryoma from geter robot accept he knows jet kune do not karate and also he can shout fire beams out of his mouth and hands also his sideburns can turn into wings wich he uses to fly and grab onto wepans. he ate the Otoko Otoko no Mi which infused him with ultamate GAR and made him the man of men. also he has devilman powers like akira and can greate a huge getter tomahouk wich he uses i once saw him cut a planet in half with it.


jim's current gf is Ice Yoko who uses to be the gf of Ice Kamina but when she saw jim use the Otoko Otoko no Mi she wanted to be with a real man. jim has no other gfs than Yoko because he is a family man beleifing in commitment.


His ship is the Getter Empror a big red ship that is bigger than islands and has a face on the front. it runs on getter spiral rays which are getter rays focused throw the gstone making them spinning and it can combine with ships and islands to form greater ships. his ship has multiple weapons.

Empror Tomahowk: arms pop out on the side of the ship carrying huge axes to smash the enemy ship.

Maystorm Cannon: cannons on the sides that shoot drills that pierce throw a ship hull. piretes can be hidden in the drills to infiltrate the other ship.

Getter Beam: the face on the ship fires lasers from its eyes maximum power.

Stoner Sunshine: ultimate attack that creates a firepall of power causing a nuculer exposion.

Empror Giga Drill Tomahowk: like the name says it combined Giga Drill Breaker with Empror Tomahowk to create axes with drills for blades, doubling their power.

Rasengan Overlord: last ditch attack at the cost of jims very own life! he grabs the oncoming attack and quanto divides into a axe with the power of 10 big bangs, he has only used this attack once against a certain man and he luckily just surfived. though he swears to defeat that man some day...

Transform: sasuga (as expected) the Getter Empror can also transform into a class S+++ mecha robot for battle. All its weapons are upguarded to S+++ class and can defeat SErvants such as Berserker including their nobel fantasms.


  • Father: Space Pirate Cobra
  • Mother: space bitches
  • Brother: Kouji D. Kabuto

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