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Jiao Shu


The Whirlwind
World Government

Bureau of harmony and Order
June 2nd

"Its a shame that you're head is wanted by the government, cause it'll be mine!"

-Jiao Shu 

Jiao Shin, or known as the Whirlwind, is the second in command of The Bureau of Order and Harmony and a member of the world government. He has a grudge against pirates and seeks to eradicate the world and rebuild on peace and obedience.


He wears a orange robe with a red cape overlapping it with gold square patterns. His eyebrows are thick and his eyes as sharp as an eagle. His hair is spiked and not organized and also wears prayer beads in times of distress


He was brought up in an ancient temple and trained in a rare technique of martial arts. He learned that when he can master it he can regenerate his body and heal it, making him eternally young. He left the temple and set out into the world. He witnessed the evil deeds pirates were committing and decided to fight against them. He was watched by Bellomont and selected him by allowing him to enter the secret police, the Bureau of Harmony and Order. His task was to capture high level pirates and interregate them and eventually execute them. He was proven to be a capable follower because of his extreme capability to complete the task with his powerful cloud disk weapon, Kuraudo Katta. 


He is trained to fight on land and even can float into the air. He wields his powerful Kuraudo Katta, or Cloud Cutter that can be thrown a long distance. It is capable to cut steel, earth, clouds, and any material. 

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