Janjo Peers
[[Image:Janjo Peers]]
Janjo preparing to battle E-73 during the Endgame Arc.
Age 34
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Red Robin Pirates
Occupation Lookout, Helmsman


Janjo "Explosion Stick" Peers is the Lookout and Helmsemen of the Red Robin Pirates. He specializes in creating new and unique kinds of weaponry, including his staff, which always has explosives dangling from it.


Executioner Sinral to K Arc

Janjo wears a lose aqua tunic, with a matching cap. He has mousy brown hair that drops down onto his forehead. His costume is altered somewhat during the Desert Crossing Arc, and it is completely different in the Marinestrike Arc.

New Frontier Arc to Present

Janjo wears a costume that has hardly changed, but now has no sleeves, and his hair is pulled back into a ponytail.



Almost nothing is known about Janjo's brith, save for the fact that he was raised by Master Weaponsmith Ahab Peers, who adopted him.

Becoming a Pirate

As Janjo grew up, he took over the shop after his adopted father died. Buisness boomed for a while, until he accidently sold some of his weapons to bandits, who accidently killed several merchents while trying to relay them into an ambush. As word spread, Janjo fled to a seaport to escape the crowd that wished to lynch him.

At the seaport, he found a small mob gathering around a man wearing bandages and a pirate wearing a black jacket. Janjo, who owned his father's old pirate ship, showed them away to escape to the ship and set sail. Only later did he decide to permanetly join the Red Robin Pirates.

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