The Jailer of Prudence
Title The Jailer of Prudence
Age 24
Height 5,2
Weight 103lbs
Weapon None (Shock Troopers)
Devil Fruit None
Laterality Right
Home Orona
Elemental Color Pink
Primary Role Minister of Wisdom
Special Ability Foolhardy Damocles
Allies The Jailers of Virtue
Family Unknown
Dawn of Derision

The Jailer of Prudence is one of the second tier Jailers of virtue and one of its only female members. The Jailer of Prudence has no real name aside from her tile as she was trained from birth to become a virtue. While she has no devil fruit or any sort of real combat she travels with a precession of heavily armed Shock Troopers . She also commands the Jailers of Virtues small army, those of whom are less powerful then her personal bodyguards.

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