Jailer of Love
Title The Jailer of Love
Age 35
Height 5,9
Weight 122lbs
Weapon Septer of Love
Devil Fruit Unknown
Laterality Right
Home Kings Cradel
Elemental Color Yellow
Primary Role Minister of Affection
Special Ability Shackels of Regret
Allies The Jailers of Virtue
Family Unknown
Warden of All

The Jailer of Love is the head of the Jailers of Virtue and the 8th Jailer of Love to come into existence. He was an infamous pirate who drew rivers of blood in the name of carnage and pastlessnes. He knew no true existence until he was visited by his mater and shadowy founder of the Jailers of Virtue, Absolute Virtue. After which he swore his life to the jailers and was inducted as the Jailer of Love VIII.

It should also be noted that during his first years as the Jailer of Love he encountered Gold Rodger and engaged him in order to purify him, the two fought and Love came out the loser. The Jailer has only one regret, that he was unable to save Rodger before his death.

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