Iteritun is one of the mightiest members of the Police. He is the founder of the Special Force.

Appearance and Personality

Iteritun is a tall man of muscular build, with a scarred face and a moustache. He has a big nose and a bald head, which is covered by a cap most of the time. In addition to the usual police officer coats, he also wears an uniform similar to a marine captains´ and a cape. On each of his fingers sticks a ring with a seastone in it. Iteritun has a pompous but friendly personality. In secret, he regards most of the World Government officials as corrupt fools, but because he does not want to give up his job, he never tells that anyone. He is also a loving father and husband, having a wife and three daughters, of whom the oldest is seventeen.

Powers and Abilities

Iteritun is an excellent fighter, being stronger than most of the Marines Vice Admirals. He has eaten the Hone Hone no Mi, giving him the ability to control other peoples bone structure. This ability was useless against Monkey D Luffy, whose bones are made of rubber. Iteritun also carries a giant saber of a length of 65 feet.


He once was a normal policeman serving in a town where Dragon and his men resided. He often fought Dragon, but always lost after a few seconds. One day, when a bandit force attacked the town, he saw Dragon protect the citizens, and thus decided to become a friend of the revolutionary. He then followed him as a cabin boy. After three years as a revolutionary, he left Dragon and is men after he married his wife. Later in his life, he became a high ranking Police member, defending the people all over the Grand Line. He then founded the Special Force. When he was in his fourtys, he encountered dragons son, Monkey D Luffy. After fighting him with his Special Force fellows, he decides to let him go, just like he did when he fought Dragon. He then tries to marry his eldest daughter to Luffy, who declines.

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