The Inu Inu no Mi model: Crocotta is a devil fruit which allows the consumer to transform into a crocotta or human-crocotta hybrid. It was found by St. List Rita, who is one of the daughters of the Warmholder familiy head. The fruit was eaten by test ape number 64.

Inu Inu no Mi model: Crocotta
Japanese Name: イヌの仔犬はミ モデル: Crocotta
English Name: Dog Dog fruit model: Crocotta
Meaning: dog
First Appearance: n/a
Type: mythical zoan
Eaten by: test ape number 64(deceased)



A crocotta

The fruit looks like a smal tree with it's own little coconuts. It's covered with countless of small swirls. The fruit is as big as a handpalm.

Abilities and Strengths

The only ability that's known is that the fruit gives the consumer the ability to change into a crocotta or the hybrid form. The strongest form being the hybrid form. While in the full crocotta form the user can't move it's neck freely and needs to move it's whole body. And another remarkable effect of the fruit is that the user becomes extra vicious and becomes extremely thirsty for human and dog blood. In the hybrid form the user can move it's neck freely and is able to stand on the behind legs. In both forms the user doesn't have teeths but two big teeths (one for the upper jaw and the other for the lower jaw). Those jaws can break anything. The skin isn't harmed by any steel. The user gains extra speed and strength. The user also won't ever close it's eyes when in hybrid or crocotta form.


Besides the standard devil fruits' weaknesses, othersare unknown.

History and presence

It was found by the 12 years old girl Rita.After Rita recongizes it as a devil fruit she simply gave it to her father hoping to get a gift. Her father demanded that scientists would come and find out what kind of powers the devil fruit had. The scientists feeded the fruit to test ape number 64. After 3 weeks of observation they killed the ape by drowning it in it's sleep. After that they gave the report together with the devil fruit to the family head of Warmholder. It's currently within Warmholder with several other fruits.


  • While conducting their experiments on test ape number 64, 4 sscientists were tricked and killed by the monkey while it was in hybrid form.
  • It's the only devil fruit in Warmholder which was eaten by an animal.

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