&nbsp Inu Inu no mi model: Kyuubi is a mythical zoan class that allows the user to become the Kyuubi and use diffrent kinds of fire and even his own kind of fire.This fruit was eaten by Hart D. Ellis

Strengths and weaknesses

This particular fruit is able to allow its owner the ability to eat flames to repair injuries. So far Ellis ahs shown the ability to defeat Akainu's magma since the flmaes of Kyuubi out match all others and are on par with cerberus's hell fire. A major Strength is that the users fur is made of flames meaning that physical attacks hurt the attacker more that the target.

It's weakness however is that the flames if used to much must recharge and if the user becomes angry the flames "rage"o that it may hurt anyone near the user. Other than this it is affected by standard devil fruit weknesses

Known Attacks

Fox fire blast:This move shoots out a number of sharp lances made from fire

Fox fire inferno:This attack will make fox jaws appear and bite on the opponent

Blaze claw:The attacks will make 3 long lines and they will be shot at the opponet

Blaze tail:The 9 Kuubi tails will appear and they will hit the opponet 7 times with each of the nine tails

Flame bullet: The user will be covered in flames and will fly straight toward the opponet making a huge explosion

Fire wall: The user creates a giant wall of fire that will take a few strong moves to break

Fox fire blazing explosion: The user creates a huge Kyuubi made from fire and then the flame Kyuubi will blow up causing massive damage

Solar flare inferno:The user creates a huge ball of fire in his/her mouth then shoots a huge laser from it


Hybrid form: The user gets fox ears,a fox tail,claws,fox eyes,and sharp teeth.

Entei: The user turns into a skinny but muscular person with red/orange fur,whiskers,and a long fox tail

Full Kyuubi: The user turns into the Kyuubi and is the size of a average human

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