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Hone Hone no Mi
Japanese Name: 骨骨の実
English Name: Bone-Bone Fruit
Meaning: Bone
First Appearance:
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Ryuu Tsubasa
  • Bone Saber: Modifying one of his bones in the arm to create a short bone sword and wield the bone. He then stabs chaotically and continuously, which causes the opponents eyes stay behind. The speed resembles after-imaging, the hand with the sword is over and over again visibly designed.
  • Rib Sword: Ryuu can modify and remove your own spine and regenerate a new column to replace him. Between the bones in the gaps there is cartilage that allows for flexibility, which makes it possible to fold it like a whip.
  • Cutting Dance: From the body, several bones come out all at once. The strong physical attack of the opponent, the most powerful counterattack, will cause serious damage. The sudden defense, combined with the bones as highly skilled needle to kill, paves the way for a technique with high potential for battle. The bones can be used to block or intercept an opponent's attacks.
  • 8th Dance: Ryuu creates multiple blades of long bones in the body for use as weapons. It doesn't take any shape to the Willow Dance. Like a willow who is stirred by the wind, attacks opponents are simply protected and controlled. Atypical of a willow tree, drill with hardened bones and damages the body of opponents. Although he mainly uses two growing blades of the palms of his hands, he also uses several bones grown side of elbows, knees and shoulders.
  • Bone fire: Hardened bones of fingers are thrown at the enemy, with a rotary movement added to the skeletal bullets. A direct collision digs the skin, flesh and bone. Once the bones of the user can be regenerated, the rate of user arsenal shots is unlimited.

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