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Xu Chang (DW6)
The Hoan Kingdom (ホアン国, Hoan kuni), also known as Hoan Country, is one of the kingdoms that was around before the formation of the World Government. The royal palace and buildings resemble chinese architecture from the Han dynasty. Although the country may be old, its technology is more advanced than many kingdoms. 


Hoan kingdom rebellion

Hoan Kingdom Rebellion; "Battle of Wuchan Village"

The Hoan kingdom was first established 2000 years ago by the Kure Family. Under their rule, the kingdom blossomed to become an island without war and with great public support. The people were happy and the island was prosperous. After the 100-year Void, the World Government was established and the Kure Family was invited to become Celestial Dragons. Taking the place of the Kure Family, the Igawi family took control of the kingdom and used the prosperity as a way to influence their power to other kingdoms. They used almost all the kingdom's money to create a palace made of gold. They later increased taxes to pay for new weapons and for their lavish lifestyle, which weakened the kingdom. Many years later, the people rose up in rebellion, dubbed "The Hoan Kingdom Rebellion", after being incited by Revolutionary forces. The Igawi took action and requested reinforcements from the Navy, who sent then- Vice Admiral Kong to assist. Although many rebels were caught and tortured in camps, the fighting rebels were able to turn many high-ranking officials against the Igawi-Navy alliance. At the coast of Wuchan Village, the rebels won a spectacular victory at the Battle of Wuchan Village thanks, in part, to the assistants of the infamous "Cyclone Hammer" Kure S. Ishimaru. After their victory, the rebels lived in the Hoan Kingdom under the rule of Kure S. Enna, the sister of Kure S. Akira.


Hoan Kingdom Map

Eastern Coast

  • Wuchan Village
  • Cord Town

    Cord Town

Western Forest

  • Shibiao Woods
  • Kusa Town
  • Dead Root Village

Northern Mountains

  • Fumei Village

    Fumei Village

  • Devil's Valley

Southern Desert

  • Vixen Town
  • Prickly Village
    Desert 2

    Prickly Village

  • Anaconda Plains

Central Plains

  • Milao City
  • Ganju Palace

    Ganju Palace

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