Hidai Hidai no Mi
Japanese Name: うねりのうねりの果物
English Name: Swell Swell fruit
Meaning: swelling up
First Appearance: n/a
Type: paramecia
Eaten by: n/a

The Hidai Hidai no Mi is a Paramecia Type Devil fruit which allows the user to make anything he touch to swell up for a certain time (at least for 48 hours



The user is able to swell things up to their limits (before they explode). A body part that did swell will feel a lot of pain in the form of stings. The user isn't able to recover the swellings and thus must wait untill the fruits power is nullified.


Some methods (like drugs or ice) could make the recovery progress to speed up. The ability could also rebound on the user, this happens when the user is confused and hit himself. And ofcourse the fruit is weak against the standard devil fruit, however this only counts for the user so a victim can't heal from the by the devil fruit made swellings by jumping in the water.


The user could quickly assasinate a victim by swelling up his/her throat, making the user of this devil fruit a dangerous close range combatant. The user can also use his power on food to make a bigger volume and thus creating more portions. The user can also use this to swell up projectile objects (like cannonballs or bullets) to make them more powerful and deadlier.


The fruit is black and white colored fruit with huge swirlslike carves on it. It has the taste of rotten tuna mixed with pork meat and sour milk. It looks like a grapefruit.


  • The user can't swell up non-solid objects in the beginning, but after hard training one could even make atoms swell up.
  • Once an object has swollen up the mass of the object increases with an unknown amount.

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