The Heavensent Pirates are a small group of pirates captained by the upstart Burguois D. Berret. Thechnically it is a collecton of random renegades seing as none of them have any goals in common. Judging by each ot their bounties they are a standard upstart team with limited experience, but they are certainly not a team to underestimated. Being that their first flag was a modified version of the World Governmetn flage it looks rather similar except the central circle is replaced witha skull and there are four shine markes between the other circles making it look like a star.


All of the members come from different life styles and from all over the world. Each have their own views on life and each have their own goals, but they are very good at what they do and are great friends none the less.

Burguois D. Berret: The crews captain he escaped the land of Krosia through questionable mean he himself can't remember. 25,000,000 Belis, 80,000,000 Dallas

Gallagher Gerhart: The crews resident chef and the first member to join. Once a gourmet chef he went berserk went his village was oppressed and has been on the lamb ever since. 35,000,000 belis.

Oliver Rogers: The second member to join the crew, and elderly docter. His past is quite a mystery to his crewmates but he is apparently quite famous with the marines. He fights with his cane and later, a bo staff. 15,000,000 belis.

Eido Fein: The third member to join the crew. Fein is clinically insane and the member with the highest bounty. She is somehow a master marksmen and is great with heavy artillery. 40,000,000 belis.

Baltimore Kobo: The fourth member to join the crew. He is a junk-mongering, pick-pocketing, inventor that joined as the crews shipwright. He is currently the shortest member of the crew. 20,000,000 Belis.

Bosco: The ships pet and mascot. Bosco is a stray cat that joined the crew as a result of Fein's kindness. 10 belis.

Turuk: The ships navigator and the sixth member to join. He is an oyster fishman who is socialy awkward around humans, nevertheless he has somehow claimed himself a bounty. 30,000,000 Belis.

Crew Strength

The crew is a rather standard upstart team, but each is rather strong, it can be expected that each member will grow much stronger. Currently they have a combined bounty of 165,000,010 Belis.


(In the future i will add more to this page including links to each of the characters when I have finished each of the pages. Till then...)

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