Controlled Territories
162045-airan island4101 super 16824-anime-kingdom-1366x768-anime-wallpaper 18
Airan Island Dwyswen Kingdom Vealith
Thalemos Trerrahan 868839-bigthumbnail
Thalemos Trerrahan Island Lothindra
White-knight-story-20060922010244476 Enies Lobby Main Gate
Haven City Enies Lobby

1. Airan Island: Raiken uses this island as the main source for his crew's doctors when the plan to end the Marines succeeded.

2. Dwyswen Kingdom: Raiken made a deal with the reigning King Kenley to protect his island in exhange for supple amounts of food.

3. Vealith: Raiken also struck a deal with this island's regining King William and Queen Titania: they will provide the pirates with water and plentiful amounts of alcohol in exchange for their protection after the Marines were halted, who protected their island.

4. Thalemos: A floating archipelago of islands, Raiken freed its people from their tyrannical ruler, Moku (once again) and they offered them technology that lets their ships fly into the air as well as coating to let them dive underwater.

5. Trerrahan Island: After helping the government and citizens of the island rebuild after a torrential hurricane devestated the island, they offered to build them ships for each of their divisions.

6. Lothindra: Raiken found this island in ruins and rebuilt it, using it as a trade center and hub for all Paradise Divisions.

7. Haven City: After attacking and forcing Marines out of this base, Raiken and the Heatwave Pirates set up shop here and used it as the New World's main trade center and central hub.

8. Enies Lobby: After Marineford and Marejois was taken down, Raiken got an idea from Akira using Mariejois as a base of operations. Raiken had Enies Lobby rebuilt and used it as a base of operations for all Grand Line associated dealings.

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