Hart D. Ellis is now one of the Shichibukai due to Blackbeard leaving. He is trying to Stop Hart D. Ali from becoming pirate king due to a constant rivalry they have kept since kids.


Ellis wears short teal jeans,a white unbuttoned vest with gold outlining,a red and gold captain's coat,burgundy sandals,and deep blue fingerless gloves.He also has hazel eyes with slits.A noticable feature is the single triangular tooth sticking out of the left side of his mouth.He also carries a nodachi with a cross on the blade and he also carrys his brother's nodachi.


Ellis is strong and can go wild at times,but he hates hunting and kills anyone who hunts illegally. He is extremly nice to kids but as they become older he becomes more serious. Ellis is ruthless against the navy. Ellis's ruthlessness has earned him and his brother the title " The North blue demon brothers."


He has a unknown father

He has an unknown mother

He is brothers with Hart.D. Ali

Enemies:He has hatred for the marines

Powers and Abilities

Ellis has good skills with nodachis and has a Devil fruit:Inu Inu no mi model Kyuubi


coming soon

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