The Harou Harou no Mi is also referred to as the Surge Surge fruit and allows the user the ability to generate high frequency vibratory waves. These waves reverberate at such a frequency that contact with them can nullify Devil fruit powers completely if they are used inside the field. This is especially effective in attacking those with Logia powers as they will be unable to elemuentize their body while in the field. In addititon while a living being is inside the field the reverberating waves of energy will surge thrugh their body as would electricicty causing them extreme pain. This Devil Fruit is mainly used for mid range attacks as the waves disspate after a certain range and they are unwieldly in close combat. They have an amazing weakness however. Haki imbued devil fruit powers can pass harmlessly through the barrier or waves without concern, as can users of Busoshoku haki. This Devil fruit also seems to require the use of the users hands to operate. For all the ups and downs this devil fruit posesses it seems the most likely to deal with troublesome devil fruit users specifically Blackbeard Teech.

this fruit has another more powerful ability however. If the user concentrates hard while using the waves, solid objects struck by the waves will fall apart. This is because the vibrations of the waves are actually breaking the molecular bonds of the solid object cassuing them to crumble or become liquid. The waves themslves possess enough force to crush a rock if hit directly.

This fruit was eaten by Junsei Hioru of the Revived Sentinel Pirates.

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