Hannah Win'dy
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Hannah Win'dy
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Duck Lane Pirates
Occupations: Navigator
Epithet: Knight of the Wind
Japanese VA:
Bounty: 0
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Kyofu Kyofu no Mi
English Name: Wind Wind Fruit
Meaning: Air Currents
Type: Paramecia

Hannah Win'dy is the navigator of the Duck Lane Pirates.


Hannah is a very tall and slender man, with unkempt frizzy hair and a rather dapper looking suit in an ugly yellow colour. He wears square glasses and has very long arms in comparison to the rest of his body. He tries, for the most part, to ensure his eyes do not fully open as such is known to make him look extremely unsettling.

Abilities and Powers

Hannah isn't particularly strong, but possesses high agility and flexibility despite his gangly arms and legs. He is fairly adept at avoiding harm, more so than his ability to dish it out.

He has eaten the Kyofu Kyofu no Mi, not to be confused with the Logia type of the same nature. With this fruit he is able to manipulate the air currents around him on a wildly varying scale, from summoning an entire squall to shifting the flow of air around his body in a minute manner. With the fruit's assistance he is able to execute air-based techniques such as Rankyaku and Geppo with considerably less effort and training than most humans, though he does not call the names of the techniques.

The fruit's main power is in defence, provided enough air resistance most attacks can be repelled with powerful outwards gusts at the cost of his own oxygen supply.

He is not fond of the way the wind messes up his jewfro.

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