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Han Han no Mi
Han Han No Mi
Japanese Name: 反の実
English Name: Anti-Anti Fruit
Meaning: Antimatter
First Appearance: Fanon
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Riku Di Cielo

The Han Han no Mi, is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, manipulate and even become "antimatter". "Han" (反) is the Japanese word for "anti". It is also called the Anti-Anti Fruit. It was originally in the possession of the World Government, but was stolen and eaten by the pirate Riku Di Cielo. This fruit is "unique" even for a Logia type.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Han Han no Mi is potentially one of the strongest Devil Fruits. The fruit's first and foremost strength is that it allows the user to create and control antimatter. Any antimatter created appears as a black energy-like substance surrounding the user. The antimatter is composed of antiparticles can react with its equivalent particle resulting in their annihilation. Due to this, the user can absorb physical matter and attacks of any type by negating the attacking body with antimatter.



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