Haji Haji no Mi (Grip Grip Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Fruit that allows the user to grab anything with their hands. It has not yet been witnessed being put to use by any known character


Strengths and Weaknesses

The Haji Haji no Mi is a powerful fruit, as it grants the user the ability to grab and hold anything inanimate in their hands, regardless of state, content, or attributes. This range includes things from blades, bullets, and cannonballs to fire, acid, and water; all without harm. This extends to allowing the user to grasp even the speed and impact force of an incoming attack. Anything not solid is "cupped" in the user's hand, rendering it a spherical form that does not fall through the user's fingers. Because of this, the user's palms are rendered completely indestructible to any and all forms of harm or pain.

The Haji Haji no Mi's power relies primarily on defense and counteractive measures, its power can be used in offense as well. Anything in a liquid or gaseous state the user "cups" is turned into a spherical shape. The cupped matter can then be thrown at any target, where upon contact the sphere bursts in an explosion with a decent level of concussive damage, on top of the attributes and damage that can be dealt by the substance.

The Haji Haji no Mi power can be taken to far more advanced levels, however. The user's hands do not just become indestructible, but they also become "immovable objects", meaning that anything and everything can be stopped by the user's hand, regardless of weight, speed, or impact force. This can be taken to an offensive means as well, essentially turning the user's hands into "unstoppable objects" capable of striking through any defense or material.

The Haji Haji no Mi's primary weakness is its limitation: beyond the palms of the user's hands, the user's body remains unchanged and very much capable of being injured. This means that any strikes on any part of the user's body besides their palms will have the same effect they would on a normal human being. Furthermore, while the user's palms are both immovable and unstoppable, the strength of the user's attack remains unchanged; this means that while the target will feel the full force of the attack regardless of defensive measures, said force remains the same.


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