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Hai Hai no Mi
Japanese Name: 灰灰の実
English Name: Ash Ash Fruit
Meaning: Ash
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Kona

The Hai Hai no Mi (Ash-Ash Fruit) is a Logia devil fruit granting its user the ability to generate, manipulate and transform into Ash, turning the user into an Ash Human (Hai Ningen). It was eaten by Kona.


The Hai Hai no Mi appears as a bunch of grapes coloured grey in the shape of clouds with a spiral pattern on each "grape". A single stalk protrudes from the top.

Strengths and Weakness

The fruits main strength is for the user to transform into and generate a seemingly limitless supply of Ash. When transformed, most attacks will pass harmlessly through the user though transformation must be willfully activated unless trained to be reflex. The Ash generated by the user can be used for a variety of methods, such as traveling upon the wind or smothering an opponent. When enough Ash is generated and manipulated correctly, the user is capable of inflicting severe harm upon a target.

Similar to the Suna Suna no Mi, the fruit carries a weakness to water. While the Sand that makes up the Suna Suna no Mi's eater forces solidity when wet, water forcibly scatters the Ash of the Hai Hai no Mi's eater, making reforming their body very difficult.

The user carries an immunity to heat and fire, a fact Kona exploits quite openly, but can still be harmed by things such as Lightning or Lava.

Other than this, the user is still afflicted by the standard weaknesses of devil fruits.


  • For simplicity's sake, the Ash used for this fruit is considered to be Wood Ash, the residue power left after the combustion of wood.

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