The Guwa Guwa no Mi (Ribbit-Ribbit Fruit) is a zoan type devil fruit that allows the user to turn into a frog and human-frog hybrids.  It is an exceedingly agile type of zoan devil fruit.  There are two known models to this fruit, this one is the Poison Dart Frog model.


The Poison Dart Frog Model is smaller and weaker compared to other fruits in the Guwa Guwa no Mi family.  Compared with other Guwa Guwa no Mi, the user can still make extraordinary leaps, has an extendable tongue, but loses the "Sonic Croak Attack".  What it lacks in strength it makes up in with two additional abilities: producing poison and adhesive palms.  The poison is secreted from the skin and is quite potent but lacks the versitility and control the Doku Doku no Mi possesses.  The users skin becomes shades of blue and green with black blotches, and is very slimy.  The slime is stickier than other models of the Guwa Guwa no Mi and allows the user to climb walls.  Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.


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