The Guwa Guwa no Mi (Ribbit-Ribbit Fruit) is a zoan type devil fruit that allows the user to turn into a frog and human-frog hybrids.  It is an exceedingly agile type of zoan devil fruit.  There are two known models to this fruit, this one is the Bull Frog model.


The Bull Frog model is the strongest model of the Guwa Guwa no Mi in terms of strength and stamina.  The transformation makes the user bulkier and bloated and develops slimy, warted skin.  The strongest portion of their body becomes the legs that can produce powerful kicks and jumps.  The user mouth becomes wide and gaping and has an extendable tongue that can be used like an extra limb that can shoot out with more force than a punch.  Finally, the best attack the user is capable of is the "Sonic Croak Attack". Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.


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