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Annexed Territories
Mariejois Kuraigana Island Xu Chang (DW6)
Mariejois Kuraigana Island Hoan Kingdom
Alabasta Amazon lily Sabaody Archipelago
Alabasta Amazon Lily Sabaody Archipelago
Water 7 Drum Island Long Ring Long Land
Water 7 Drum Island Long Ring Long Land
  1. Mariejois: After the fall of the Tenryuubito and Gorosei, the Great Dragon Pirates occupied the area and claimed it as their own in order to further annoy Sakazuki. Akira rebuilt the famous Tenryuubito palace and uses it as his Main Head Quarters, as it stands between the Grandline & New World.
  2. Kuraigana Island: Originally controlled by Dracule Mihawk, Akira seized control after the temporary end of the Marines. He was able to tame the wild Humandrills and used Mihawk's home as a training area for new recruits.
  3. Hoan Kingdom: Being Akira's home country, it was put under his protection. The island isn't forced to offer anything and is dubbed "The Most Protected Territory of the Great Dragon Pirates".
  4. Alabasta: King Cobra made a deal with Akira to provide protection for his kingdom after the rise of piracy after the Marines were temporarily inactive. As payment, the kingdom gives the fleet tons of water and sake for each division.
  5. Amazon Lily: Just like King Cobra, Boa Hancock asked Akira for protection over the island after the Marines were halted. In return for protection, the Kuja Pirates became a division under the Great Dragon Pirates and supplies food for each division.
  6. Sabaody Archipelago: With Mariejois out of commission, Akira took complete control over the island between the Grandline and the New World. The island provides coating to all division ships when they need it.
  7. Water 7: Iceburg made a deal with Akira, since he was a member of the Straw Hats and offered ships for each division as payment. Akira accepted the proposal and has Galley-La build and repair the crew's ships.
  8. Drum Island: Drum Island was put under protection by Akira on the advice of Chopper, to which the island offered teams of doctors for each division as payment.
  9. Long Ring Long Land: Although it is a deserted island, Akira took it over and made it a central hub for Grandline-associated divisions where they meet, share info, and stock up on supplies. 

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