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Great Dragon Pirates
New flag 3
Japanese Name: 巨大な龍の海賊
Romanized Name: Kyodaina Ryū no Kaizoku
English Name: Great Dragon Pirates
Main Ship: Gidra
First Appearance: ????
Captain: Kure S. Akira
Total Bounty: Bsymbol108,225,000,726,000,000

Annexed Members

After the defeat of Big Mom, Blackbeard, Shanks, and the Worst Generation, Akira recruited Big Mom's massive army, the crews of the Worst Generation, and half of both Blackbeard and Shank's crews, the other halves going to Riku Di Cielo of the Demon-Eye Pirates. The Whitebeard Pirates later joined Akira after the rise of the Goshin, with their division commanders becoming Great Dragon Pirate division commanders. CP9 members Jabra, Kaku, and even Rob Lucci joined as the assassination divisions. After Riku took out the Shichibukai, Akira recruited Boa Hancock, former Shichibukais Sir Crocodile & Gecko Moria, as well as their crew mates, and the Donquixote Family, who all became divison commanders. After the recruitments, the Great Dragon Pirates grew from 8 members to over 1,000,000 members, including Baron Tamago, Mr. Pekoms, Diamante, Trebol, Pica, Urouge, Jewelry Bonney, X Drake, Basil Hawkins, Killer, and Shanks (each being a division commander). Big Mom, Eustass Kid, Capone Bege, and Scratchmen Apoo were the only ones who refused to join, only because they didn't want to be under someone elses control. Instead, Akira handed them over to the Navy. Blackbeard was never given the option of joining, due to his traitorous ways, and was personally executed by Akira.

Core Members

Each member were close friends as kids and met up after the death of Monkey D. Luffy. They then joined Akira and became the Great Dragon Pirates. Although Yoshitoki has reptilian-like abilities, he never ate a devil fruit. He had the traits of certain reptiles surgically implanted in his body by Navy scientists so that they could create a human who had the abilities of a Zoan-type Devil Fruit eater and could still swim. The crew is each given a codename based on their rank of skill. After the defeat of the Yonko, Akira officially made each of the other core crew members division commanders, similar to Whitebeard.




Epithet Bounty

Wantedposter Kure S. Akira

  • Captain
  • "The Boss"
  • Fleet Commander
  • Haki user (all types)
  • Heilianhua Style
  • Expert Rokushiki user
  • Excellent Swordsmanship
  • Strategic Genius
  • "Akira the Monkey King" (猿王の彰 Saru'ō no Akira)

Andoryuwantedposter2Yamashita Ibuki

  • First Mate
  • Doctor/Swordsman
  • "The Joy"
  • 1st Divison Commander
  • Expert Swordsman
  • Kenbunshoku & Busoshoku Haki user
  • Rokushiki user
  • "The Forgiving Demon"(寛容な悪魔, Kan'yōna akuma)

Kazukiwantedposter Yuki Kazuki

  • Quarter Master
  • Sniper
  • "The End"
  • 2nd Division Commander
  • Expert Camouflager
  • Expert Sniping Skills
  • Kenbunshoku Haki user
  • "Quick Shot Kazuki" (迅速撮影一樹, Jinsoku Satsuei Kazuki)

KazumawantedposterFujiwara Kazuma

  • Navigator
  • "The Pain"
  • 3rd Division Commander
  • Expert Rokushiki user
  • Expert Navigation Skills
  • Busoshoku Haki user
  • "Iron Fist Kazuma" (鉄拳一真, Tekken Kazuma)

KyousukewantedposterAkimoto Kyousuke

  • Shipwright/Helmsman
  • "The Sorrow"
  • 4th Division Commander
  • Cybernetic Arm
  • Excellent Shipwright
  • Beyond Superhuman Strength
  • Kenbunshoku Haki user
  • "Cyber Arm Kyousuke" (サイバーアーム恭介, Saibāāmu Kyōsuke)

Shoun wanted poster2Saruwatari Yoshitoki

  • Cook
  • "The Fear"
  • 5th Division Commander
  • Excellent Cook
  • Snake-like sight
  • Lizard-like Healing
  • Double jointed
  • Chameleon-like skin
  • Busoshoku Haki user
  • "The Human Reptile" (人間の爬虫類, Ningen no Hachūrui)

MiuraMiura Kenta

  • Archeologist
  • "The Wise"
  • 6th Division Commander
  • Good Swordsman
  • Healing Factor
  • Kenbunshoku Haki user
  • "Immortal Scholar" (不滅の学者, Fumetsu no Gakusha)

ShinjiIshikawa Shinji

  • Musician
  • "The Fury"
  • 7th Division Commander
  • Illusionary Master
  • Busoshoku Haki user
  • Guitar Expert
  • "Shinji of the Mirage" (ミラージュのシンジ, Mirāju no Shinji)

Division Commander Rankings

This a list of the Commanders of the Great Dragon Pirates in order of rank. Commanders 19-21 and 29-39 were the Whitebeard pirate division commanders. They were each given a new division number based on their strength. Each division contains about 120,000 pirates, excluding the commander, with the Main Division being an exception, having about 200,000.

Fleet Commander
Akira 12
Kure S. Akira
Division Commanders 1-7
1st Andoryuwantedposter2 2nd Kazukiwantedposter 3rd Kazumawantedposter 4th Kyousukewantedposter 5th Shoun wanted poster2 6th Miura 7th Shinji
Yamashita Ibuki Yuki Kazuki Fujiwara Kazuma Akimoto Kyousuke Saruwatari Yoshitoki Miura Kenta Ishikawa Shinji
Division Commanders 8-14
8th Catullus dominis 9th BlackManta 10th Renzhe 11th Gong jiantou 12th Viktor kartofel 13th Bane 14th Tadayoshi kojima
Mr. 1/2 Catullus Dominis Onito Makiei Renzhou Gong Jiantou Viktor Kartonof Perdico Tadayoshi Hideo
Division Commanders 15-21
15th Shanks 16th Hancock 17thCrocodile 18th Moria 19th Marco 20th Diamond Jozu 21st Vista
Red-Haired Shanks Boa Hancock Sir Crocodile Gecko Moria Marco the Phoenix Diamond Jozu Flower Sword Vista
Division Commanders 22-28
22nd Pekoms 23rd Baron tamago 24th Basil hawkins 25th Killer 26th X drake 27th Bonney 28th Urouge
Mr. Pekoms Baron Tamago Basil Hawkins Killer X Drake Jewelry Bonney Urouge
Division Commanders 29-35
29th Blamenco 30th Rakuyo 31st Namur 32nd Blenheim 33rd Curiel 34th Kingdew 35th Haruta
Blamenco Rakuyo Namur Blenheim Curiel Kingdew Haruta
Division Commanders 36-42
36th Atmos 37th Jiru 38th Fossa 39th Izo 40th Lucci 41st Kaku 42nd Jabra
Water Buffalo Atmos Speed Jiru Fossa Izo Rob Lucci Kaku Jabra
Division Commanders 43-49
43rd Absalom 44th Hogback 45th Perona 46th Daz bones 47th Beckman 48th Yasopp 49th Lucky roo
Absalom of the Graveyard Dr. Hogback Ghost Princess Perona Mr. 1 Daz Bones Benn Beckman Yasopp Lucky Roo
Division Commanders 50-56
50th Diamante 51st Trebol 52nd Pica 53rdBellezar sangre 54thJora 55th Lao G 56th Senor pink
Diamante Trebol Pica Real Jora Lao G Senor Pink
Division Commanders 57-63
57th Sugar 58th Baby 5 59th Buffalo 60th Gladius 61st Machvise 62nd Dellinger 63rd Bellamy
Sugar Baby 5 Buffalo Gladius Machvise Dellinger Bellamy