Great Dragon Pirates
New flag 3
Japanese Name: 巨大な龍の海賊
Romanized Name: Kyodaina Ryū no Kaizoku
English Name: Great Dragon Pirates
Main Ship: Gidra
First Appearance: ????
Captain: Kure S. Akira
Total Bounty: Bsymbol108,225,000,726,000,000


  • Great Dragon Pirates vs. Demon-Eye Pirates: The first battle the Great Dragon pirates ever fought. The battle was the greatest of its kind, surpassing the fight between Kuzan and Sakazuki. It lasted longer than any battle and ended in a draw.
  • Great Dragon Pirates vs. Big Mom Pirates: The first battle of Akira's long campaign against the Yonko. Using Circe's beasts to capture Big Mom's favorite islands, Akira was able to flank Big Mom's fleet and destroy her forces.
  • Great Dragon Pirates & Demon-Eye Pirates vs. Blackbeard Pirates: This was one of the grandest battles in history. 2 great pirate crews fought the evil Blackbeard pirates in a full scale war that engulfed the News Coo.
  • Great Dragon Pirates & Demon-Eye Pirates vs. Red-Haired Pirates: Although he was a mentor to his old captain, Akira led his crew to fight Shanks, leading to a 2 vs. 1 match between the captains. Although the divisions just watched the fight, they still played a crutial role in supporting their captains and heralding in the new era.
  • Great Dragon Pirates, Demon-Eye Pirates, & Heatwave Pirates vs. Marines: During the Celestial Summit, the Marines led by Admiral Raiken Montizuma & Fleet Admiral Sakazuki. During the battle, Raiken defected and joined their side, helping to force the Marines to retreat.
  • Great Dragon Pirates, Demon-Eye Pirates, Heatwave Pirates, & Pegasus Wings Pirates vs. Marines: The final fight between Akira's Goshin and Sakazuki's Marines. The battle caused the new Marine HQ to fall to rubble and their forces to run wild. Because of the chaos that ensued, Akira appointed Coby, the most just person in the Marines that he knew, as the new Fleet Admiral.
  • Great Dragon Pirates vs. Worst Generation Crews: Through their solidification of their power, the Great Dragon Pirates defeated each Worst Generation Pirate crew one by one. The final fight between them and the Kid, Apoo, and Hawkins alliance proved to be the longest battle. 


  • Establishment of the 5 Gods of the New World: With the formation of the Goshin, the Great Dragon Pirates became the strongest known pirate crew in the world. They led others to great conquests, such as the fall of Mariejois and Sakazuki's Navy.
  • Assault on Mariejois: After the attack on the Celestial Summit, the Great Dragon Pirates led the Heatwave, Demon-Eye, and Pegasus Wing pirates on an attack on Mariejois, leading to the destruction of the Tenryuubito and the Great Dragon Pirate's occupation of it.

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