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Great Dragon Pirates
New flag 3
Japanese Name: 巨大な龍の海賊
Romanized Name: Kyodaina Ryū no Kaizoku
English Name: Great Dragon Pirates
Main Ship: Gidra
First Appearance: ????
Captain: Kure S. Akira
Total Bounty: Bsymbol108,225,000,726,000,000


  • Demon Eye Pirates: As Riku and Akira have a friendly relationship from being on the same crew, their pirate crews were easily able to get along, only fighting when they wanted to see who was the strongest.
  • Heatwave Pirates: The crew had only met the Heatwave pirates when their captain recommended them to ally with the Great Dragon Pirates after the latter had become a Marine Admiral. After the attack on the Celestial Summit, Akira began to respect the Heatwaves pirates and accepted them as an equally powerful ally.


  • World Government: Because of Akira's hatred towards the World Government's hierarchy, the crew shares his dislike for them. After they assaulted Mariejois, they attempted to steal a few valuable items from the Tenryuubito, which Akira refrained them from doing.
  • Marines: As pirates are always enemies of the Marines, the Great Dragon Pirates are no exception. When Akira put Coby in charge, they were shown leniency and became unannounced allies.

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