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Fujin is a late member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Personal Info

He is 17 when he joins and about three weeks (37 episodes) after he first appears, he turns 18. His height is 5'7. He has black hair and white skin. His initial outfit is similar to Sanji's, but has a orange shirt. His usual one has brown pants, blue shirt, and sometimes a black hooded jacket.  He also has blue eyes that are soft. His favorite foods are Strawberries, Bananas, and


Fujin is a cheerful, energetic, and kind person, despite his past. He will do anything to defend his friends, even if it costs him his life. Due to his soft eyes he often tries to trick people and most of the time he uses it on female world government member, to get secrets and steal vital items in their plans.

Relationships with other Straw Hat Members

Monkey D. Luffy

They are great friends, and often they fight for the last piece of meat (More like a tug of war with punches and kicks)

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro finds Fujin a good fighter, and vice versa. Once, he forced Fujin to drink an entire barrel of Sake, and then he kept drinking until he passed out.


Nami often mistakes his nice gestures as chivalry. After the 5th time, he starts to yell that it isn't every time.


They are great friends.


Fujin sometimes helps Sanji to make meals faster.

Tony Tony Chopper

Fujin often calls him Tony, often to confuse him. He is Fujin's best friend on the ship, and often gets levitated by him as a way of teasing.

Nico Robin

Robin likes him since he is such a kind person.


Fujin doesn't understand anything about his machinnery of his body. Because of this he sometimes drinks soda when there is little in Franky's fuel and left for him to refuel.


Fujin finds him the funniest person he knows, and sometimes says Skull Joke at the same time Brook does.

Devil Fruit

His Devil Fruit is the Gale Gale Fruit (Geiru Geiru no Mi). It gives him the power of Wind and is Logia type.


Devil Fruit

Hurricane Kick

His leg turns into a small tornado, then he front flips with the tornado getting bigger, which then hits the opponent. The tornado then spins him/her around rendering them vulnerable to an attack for a breif amount of time.

Breeze Bounce

Using the power of wind, Fujin jumps high to avoid attacks or reach a high place like a ledge.

Storm Bounce

Similar to Breeze Bounce, but it gives of gales similar to the Tempest Kick attack.


Fujin uses a light breeze to fall down slowly in order to avoid getting hurt.

Non-Devil Fruit

Leg Tornado

Fujin quickly releases a series of kicks which usually tires him out.

Spin Throw

Fujin grabs his opponent then spins and then throws him/her

Back Break

He flips and kicks his opponents head, then releases a powerful kick to his/her back


When he was 3, he found a banana, and ate it, but someone saw it was truly a yellow devil fruit. He could not learn how to use its powers though. When he was 7 his parents were merchants, but were defying the world government by breaking over 63 of the 72 rules (Truly because they could read Poneglyphs, and the mayor Jared reported this) in the town of Azule Town. Due to this they were excecuted. Since they thought Fujin could also read them, he was going to get executed, but he finally learned to use his devil fruit and escaped by transforming. He wanted revenge ever since. 10 years later, the Straw Hat Pirates came, giving him an oppurtunity. He, Nami, and Usopp were handling the many underling while the rest went for Jared. After most of the Straw Hats got defeated, he finally got to Jared, angered by their defeat. He went all out on him, even using the Leg Tornado in the middle of his Back Break attack. After a long battle, he was victorious, and begged to join them. He succeded, and went to sea, tearfully leaving.

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