Title Fuhoshiwara of the Moon. The Jailer of Sensibility
Age 28
Height 5,10
Weight 142lbs
Weapon Ushiwakas Flute
Devil Fruit Unknown
Laterality Right
Home The Heavenly Ladder
Elemental Color Yellow
Primary Role Minister of Insight
Special Ability Lethargic Truth
Allies The Jailers of Virtue
Family Unknown
Emissary from the Moon

Fuhoshiwara or the Jailer of Sensibility is a third tier member of the Jailers of Virtue. Calm silent strong and wise Fuhoshiwara is the head advisor to his master the Jailer of Prudence. Much of his past is long forgotten even by himself but he claims that he was from a tribe from the moon and his pace is at The Heavenly Ladder where he may ascend to heaven.

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