A small and powerful organization that seeks "The Pieces of Millennium" to wipe the world clean and create it in thier own image.The organization is led by by the Seven Sages Heckel,Ruby,Zeru,Marina,Zaul,Horus,Jackle and the leader of them are Captain Despa D. Leonarde.Considered to be one of the greatest enemies for the Blackjack Pirates. The seem to be focusing one a single goal,which is still unknown to most of the world. They often work under the shadows to achieve thier objective,even going so far as to maipulate the Knights Of The Round of Alabasta into trying to overthrow the king.

Organization Members

The ranking of strength is based on power level,age and how long they have worn thier respective masks. Even the weakest member is capable of destroying an entire marine ship,while the strongest was able to split a island in two.Thier ranks include Despa D. Leonarde, Heckel, Zeru,Ruby,Zaul,Jackel,Marina,Horu and three undercover field operatives Collar,Isa and Porter. The memebers themsevlves are quiet old,the oldest member seen so far is Zeru,whose age is revealed to be 1,000 years.


Force Millennium's Plans and Goals In operation, The members usually keep thier goals secret, and often vaguely elaborates on thier plan once they are done havocking,their trademark announcement of victory is "The World shall be re-written!!" They often will do whatever it requires to complete thier missions,even killing civilians or un-armed enemies. Examples are seen when Horus destroys a marine ship that was unaware of his presence. Members always work in teams of two with the exception of the leader.Team members must function very well or at least to accomplish their task even though they have a mutual problems with each other. Most members joined to further their own goals,but all are united in the ultimate goal of world recreation


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