Flint looks more like a stereotypical pirate than the other members. He has messy brown hair and permanent stubble. He wears a brown leather fedora at almost all times. He also wears a white loose shirt under a faded brown waistcoat, brown britches, and dark brown folded down leather boots. He carries his bow on his back, and has two quivers on either hip.


Flint perceives himself as a charming, roguish ladies man, and tends to flirt with just about every woman he comes across. So far, no woman has agreed with him. He can be somewhat hotheaded and impatient with men, and gets in arguments with the other men of the crew often; particularly Malakai. Despite his flaws, he is still loyal to his crew, and won't think twice about doing what he can to defend them from whatever threat comes their way. Flint is still a perceptive man capable of thinking ahead of most of his opponents, something that comes in handy against stronger enemies.


Flint is an expert sniper, and carries a smaller bow than usual, with shorter arrows than usual. He attaches things to his "Trick Arrows" to give them varying effects. He also commands several ballistae (giant crossbows on wheels), polyboloses (rapid-fire crossbows), and cannons on Charon.

In terms of physical strength or speed, Flint is above average, but since he's surrounded by his crew, he looks weak. Flint's strength is that of a regular human who has trained his body well, but against the monsters the crew usually fights, he has to rely on his sniping skills to fight from afar instead of strength.