The Five Tyrants Of The Blues are composed of the 5 pirates with the highest bounty in every blue. One of the five tyrants is the leader this is chosen by the strength of the person and bounty. The current leader is Hart D. Ali.

Becoming a Tyrant Of The Blue.

To become a tyrant you must have the highest bounty in one of the four blues. (East, South , West and North.) If another pirate surpasses the bounty of a current tyrant that person does not automatically become a tyrant only if the tyrant of the respective blue is killed can the other pirate become a Tyrant. A tyrant can also be killed off by the others if the group votes that the tyrant should be disposed of and who will kill that tyrant.


Leader: Hart D. Ali: 592,000,000 Beli.


Hart D. Siege: 590,000,000 Beli. East Blue.

Crimson D. Soul: 588,000,000 Beli. North Blue.

Oliver Kain: 477,000,000 Beli. West Blue.

Bell Artestra: 450,000,000 Beli. South Blue.

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