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After the death of Monkey D. Luffy, Kure S. Akira and Riku Di Cielo formed their own pirate crews and had a little showdown. After it ended in a tie, the two left the battlefield with good relations. A few months after the battle, Akira called Riku and planned an attack against the Yonko. Riku, being very optimistic, agreed and both men prepared a strategy. Akira put his focus on Big Mom, who had be weakened by the Straw Hat pirates while Riku dealt with Kaido who no longer had SMILEs in his possession. With the help of Helios Circe, Akira tricked Big Mom into leaving her lair of Whole Cake Island and defeated her. Riku used specially-made sea water cannons on Kaido's army and forced him to surrender. Finally, as the captains faced off against Blackbeard and his fleet of pirates, they combined their forces and waged a grand war against him, trumping the war between Shiki and Roger. After about 3 weeks, Akira and Riku personally faced off against Teach in a 2-on-1 sudden deathmatch. The battle was hard-fought, but they were able to slay Teach and end the Blackbeard pirates. That only left Shanks, who insisted on a 2-on-1 battle, which had lasted for a week. After many punches and kicks were delivered, Shanks finally conceited defeat right before Akira could deal the finishing blow. And so ended the Yonko, which gave rise to their replacement: Akira's 5 Gods of the New World.  



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