The Falcon Pirates are a strong crew ruling in the New World, led by their captain Jacky X Falcon, one of the Yonkou. This crew is responsible for destruction of a Marine island.

Crew Members

Falcon Pirates
Av4 Av5 Av3 Av2
Av9 Av7 Av8 Av6

Crew Strength

Despite only having a small number of members, the Falcons are a very powerful crew. In fact, after the incident that occurred at Bazex War, the World Government has labeled them as a very dangerous crew. All of them have at least one talent at which they are perfect. While most of them have amazing strength in one way or another, one of them, their captain is so strong that the whole world started calling him a "Monster".

Profession and Capabilities

Jacky X Falcon : Captain, haki, Sora Sora Nomi, Swordsman.

Ruby : Sniper, Navigator.

Willy Ghost : Helmsman, Saru Saru Nomi.

Lantern : Swordsman, haki.

Newton : Musician, Assassination Specialist.

Jessie : Doctor, Fencing.

Fredreick Higgins II : Chef, Swordsman.

Portgas D Jack : Shipwright, haki.


Jacky X Falcon

First Bounty: [1]300,000,000 for defeating 3 of the Schichibukai and being the son of the Helson Falcon, the 2nd Divison Commander of Revolutinary Army.

Second Bounty: [2]800,000,000 for destroying a whole Marine Island which serves as a home for over 80,000 marine families.

Third Bounty: [3] for participation and destruction of various islands during the Bazex War


For her involvement with the fellow members of the crew in the destruction of various places, she is geven a bounty of [4]80,000,000

Willy Ghost

First Bounty: [5]30,000,000 for betraying the marines and becoming a pirate.

Second Bounty:[6]101,000,000 for his involvement with the fellow members of the crew in the destruction of various palces.


First Bounty: [7]120,000,000 for massacring the whole crew of Jagil "the ass" in North Blue.

Second Bounty: [8]300,000,000 for his involvement with fellow crewmates.


For his involvement with the fellow members of the crew in the destruction of various places, he is geven a bounty of [9]96,000,000


First Bounty: [10]3,000,000 for helping Red-Haired Pirates escape from Marines.

Second Bounty: [11]50,000,000 for her involvement with Kuja Pirates. Third Bounty: [12]130,000,000 for her being a member of the falcons.

Fredreick Higgins II

For his heritage and involvment with fellow crewmates, he is given a bounty of [13]140,000,000

Portgas D Jack

First Bounty: [14]2,000,000 for murdering a Marine Captain.

Second Bounty: [15]87,000,000 for his involvment with the Falcon and Whitebeard Pirates.

Third Bounty: [16]120,000,000 for being the step-brother of late Portgas D Ace.




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