The Fairy Fan is the trademark weapon of the captain of the Angel Pirates , Alex Yamaka.


This weapon takes the form of a wine-red coloured fan, which is decorated with three small lime greren hearts on each side of the frame and at the bottom it is decorated with a small charm which is composed of two orange beeads and two small balls of beige fur. It also has a tuft of beige fur at both ends of the fan.
Alex fan open

Alex's fan open


The main ability of this weapon is that it can release a sparkling, golden dust which she describes as Fairy Dust, how it does this is unknown. This 'fairy dust' can be used for multiple abilities such as being spread over a large area as a smokescreen or even concentrate the dust so that it can form needles and explode. She can also spread the dust by flapping the fan and even by flapping her own wings.

Other than the fairy dust, it can smash through boulders when used properly. It also functions as a regular fan.


  • Fairy Dust: Fairy Cloud: She opens her fan and waves it creating a gust of golden powder which acts as a smokescreen. During Her battle with Viviane it is shown that she can use this as a basis for several other attacks
  • Fairy Dust: Fairy Bomb: She concentrates her fairy dust into a glowing, golden coloured sphere which can explode on impact.
  • Fairy Dust: Fairy Guns: She waves her fan firing several golden needles made of her fairy dust, these can also pin objects to the wall.
  • Fairy Dust: Pixie: After creating a cloud of her fairy dust she concentrates the dust around the enemy into smaller needles and fires them at the foe at high speeds leaving them almost no escape.
  • Fairy Dust: Brownie: She sends her fairy dust flying around her enemies and concentrates them into smaller spheres and makes them rapidly explode.


  • This weapon and all of it's attacks are based on Evergreen's magic from fairy tail.
Fairy Fan
Kanji: 妖精ファン
Romanji: Yōsei Fan
Range: Any
First Appearance: Chapter 1
User: Alex Yamaka

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