Emon Emon no Mi (translated as clothes clothes fruit) is a devil fruit which gives the consumer the ability to manipulate anything what a person is wearing (earings, weapons, etc.) and claims to own of him/herself.

Emon Emon no Mi
Japanese Name: エミネ開創ないミ
English Name: Clothes Clothes fruit
Meaning: Something a being wears
First Appearance: n/a
Type: unknown
Eaten by: n/a


The fruit is dark tanned with orange swirls covering it up. It also looks like if it's rotten, it's as fresh as a devil fruit can be tough.


The consumer is able to move the wearings of a person in any kind of way he/she wants. Being able to make them so stiff that the one wearig the clothes is unable to move. Or bending a weapon in a way to harm the wearer or someone else, for example would the consumer take control over a gun the gun fire at anything in it's reach on command of the consumer. The consumer also is able to destroy the weaings of a being. For example the consumer could destroy the sword of a swordsman. It seems that the user senses every person with clothes around him and can take control over the clothes without the need to see them. The user is able to shoot pieces of wearings in a straight line with a maximum speed of 90km/h. The user can also "call" the wearings to him to create weapons from them or "extending" his/her limps with wearings.


Ofcourse the usual devil fruit weakness and the fact when one removes his/her wearings the conumer can't take control of them, since they aren't weared. So the esiest way to defeat the consumer is to use animals or to fight the consumer naked.


  • Squish: Killing a being through suffocation by squishing their wearings.
  • Vanish: Destroying wearings.
  • Break: Breaking the bones of a being by bending the colthes.
  • Summon: Wearings around the user comes to him/her and the user can use them in anyway he/she likes, aslong he/she is physicaly connected to them.
  • Puppet: The user takes control over his opponent by move his clothes as the user wishes. The more the victim wears the more body the user can control.


  • The proximity of the fruits powers are 100 metre radius around the user.
  • Anything what anyone wears is considered a clothes, thus making a leaf a clothes.

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