Emi Emi no Mi
Emi Emi no Mi
Japanese Name: 笑笑の実
English Name: Laugh Laugh Fruit
Meaning: laughs
First Appearance:  ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:  ????

The Emi Emi no Mi is a Paramecia-type devil fruit that allows the user to use various attacks based on the emotion of humor and enjoyment. Emi is the Japanese word for "laughs". In English, the fruit is called the Laugh Laugh Fruit. It was eaten by ????.

Strength & Weaknesses

As the name implies, laughter is one of the strongest abilities of this devil fruit. The user has the ability to increase people's humor to the point of them laughing without end. It is only by the power of the user that someone is able to stop laughing. In some cases, people who continue to laugh soon die of exhaustion and dehydration from too much laughing. When dealing with non-living objects, the user can touch or hit an object(s) with his ability to cause it/them to bubble and explode. Physically, the user takes the appearance of a clown. His/her face turns white, lips turn red, and hair turns green and makes him/her laugh and have a happy expression forever. Because of the eternal humor, the user doesn't react to pain as a normal person would and becomes a sort-of sadist. This allows the user to bend his/her body to his/her whim so that he/she can do acrobatics, body-bending, etc.

With the long-lasting laughter, there is a weakness. Because he/she can only feel humor, the user can't take things seriously and will do whatever he/she does without logical and moral thinking. The user also loses the ability to feel empathy and remorse, turning him/her into a laughing killing machine. Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.



  • Laughing Gas (笑気ガス Shōki gasu, literally meaning "Laughing Gas"): The user secretes a lime-green gas that, when inhaled by a person, makes that person laughing without end. This move is the only way to counteract it.
  • Hand Buzzer (手ブザー Te buzā, literally meaning "Hand Buzzer"): The user can touch someone with his/her hand and expel compact laughing gas on to the victim and make them laugh in a split second and faint, making it appear to be a shock. This move speeds the laughing gas effect and knocks a person unconscious instead of killing him/her.
  • Water Flower (水の花 Mizu no Hana, literally meaning "Water Flower"): Although this move can be used without a flower, the user can spray a liquid form of the laughing gas at a person's face permanently freeze a smile on it. Because of the user's permanent humor, he/she would usually use a flower for this attack.


  • This devil fruit is based on the Joker from the DC comic "Batman"
  • The attacks, besides laughing gas, are based off of common comedy gags.

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