Elios is a dangerous criminal who ws held in the pit. A supposedly bottomless well in Level 6 of impel Down where the nastiest of the nasties are thrown as torture. When blackbeard broke his comrades out Elios though it amusing and battled aswell but he quickly gave up realizing none of them were close to him in strength. He seems to possess all manner of Superhuman traits except for the fact that they far exceed the norm almost being called superHERCULIAN traits. His greates triuph was obliterating an entire island country that was part of the world government, shortly after his ship was attacked by 10 Buster call ships, 8 of which he destroyed one of the remaining two was critically damaged. He said flattly that had he not been tired from the destructuion of the island he would have easily erased them all. He is known as the cloudbender because legend has it he appears suddenly by waving away a thick fog to do his bidding and when he wants to vanish the fog rolls back in and he disappears. This is probably due to his eating of the Meiyo Meiyo no Mi.

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