Edric Johnson, more commonly known as "stray dog" or "the crippler", is a former slave from Tequila Wolf, East Blue, known for his sadistic nature.


Stray Dogs appearance is, to say the least, unsettling. His unruly black hair is kept in a low ponytail and swept over his shoulder. One eye-brow is lifted slightly higher than the other, giving him a wild look. His face is etched in a constant mocking grin. Often, a straw can be seen sticking out from his mouth. Stray Dog is roughly 5'5 feet tall and has a regular build, revealing nothing of his uncanny strength. Most prominant of all however, is his lack of tongue. Due to this Stray Dog can neither talk nor feel taste, something others have mistaken to be merely taciturnity.


Being unable to talk and write has left Stray Dog with poor means of communication. Dispite this he's somehow learnt to communicate, primarily using handsigns, body language and simple drawings. After a few years in the mercenary business he learnt some poor writing skills, which have proved sufficient through the years.

Being unable to speak has been a huge setback for any sorts of cooperation in battle. He himself seems to have grown accustomed to the debility and isn't bothered by it very much. He rarely laughs as it only makes a clicking sort of noise, but doesn't refrain from grinning.

He seems to have a love for blood and is as bloodthirsty in battle as he is suited for it. He's of the beleif that actions speak louder than words, which he proves constantly. Rather than settle something with angry words, he cuts of a limb or two on his target. Another beleif of his is that people should become strong from their own power and not "borrow" the power of a devil fruit, which has given him a distaste towards devil fruit users.


Powers and abilities


Edric Johnson was born a slave in Tequila Wolf, a country in the East Blue. From an early age, the boy was insolent towards the guards. A particularily cruel guard ripped out his tongue when he was 7. Which he grimly repaid 6 years later when he came across an axe and slaughtered both guards and slaves, maiming the guard who ripped his tongue out and leaving him to bleed to death.

After the incident he was given a bounty of 13'000'000 beri, forcing him to seek refuge in the work as a mercenary in the underworld. He continued to maim his enemies in the most cruel ways and soon earned the nickname of "the crippler". Several years later, with a total bounty of 70'000'000 beri, his reputation in the underworld had grown even bigger and when his employer, out of fear, rented an assasin to kill him, he killed them both and left the mercenary business behind him.


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