Duck Lane Pirates
Japanese Name: ダックレーン海賊
Romanized Name: Duck Rane Kaizoku
English Name: Duck Lane Pirates
Main Ship: Duck Lane
First Appearance:
Captain: {{{captain}}}
Total Bounty: Bsymbol100

The Duck Lane pirates are a small pirate crew with members gathered from various oceans around the world. They are a very obscure group, as they do not technically fly a jolly roger and not a single member has a bounty on their head. You have probably never heard of them.

Crew Members


The Duck Lane Pirates sail a floating island, similar in concept to Thriller Bark, albeit much, much smaller. Their ship contains a single row of small brick houses along a cobbled road, a sign at one end of the road with the inscription Duck Lane, and a sign at the other end with the inscription END OF LANE, LANE ENDS HERE. The ship can be controlled from the town hall, but very often the crew cannot remember which building town hall actually is. For this reason, Hannah Win'dy usually steers the ship with his devil fruit ability.

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