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Draco D. Damien (ドラコD.ダミアン, Dorako D. Damian) is a former member of the Shicibukai and the current user of the Fuku Fuku no Mi.     



In contrast to his current mentality in his youth (specifically his mid teen years) Damien was considerably more aggressive and rash often using more force than necessary, and frequently having to be held back by his crew mates.



Silvers Rayleigh


Friends and Allies

Straw Hat Pirates

Damien has had several run-ins with the Straw Hat Pirates and as such has gained a slightly relationship with many of their crew members.

Portgas D. Ace


Dracule Miwhawk

Damien and Miwhawk hold a mutual respect between each other and if they are both present at a meeting (which is very rare) then they will converse in a friendly manner.

Boa Hancock

Gekko Moriah

Damien holds a great distaste towards Gekko Moriah, for unknown reasons he finds him to be a despicable individual whoose presence disgusts him.




World Government

World Nobles

Because of the fact that Damien did what no one else dared to do and outright murdered a Tenryubito (they were unaware that it was Kal), the World Government and World Nobles are constantly pestering the Marines into going after him and making his suffer for committing such a haneous crime. They were outraged at the fact that Damien was allowed to become a Shicibukai and demanded he be immediately slaughtered.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Damien is very adept in hand-to-hand combat. His movements are fluid and loose, he is very nimble and athletic. This permits him to incorporate flips, hand springs and various other great feats of high athletic ability into his combat style. His main style is brawling, throwing hard punches and kicks to break his opponents down and his devil fruit to finish the, off.


Busoshoku Haki

This type of Haki is Damien's favourite and the one he possesses the most skill with, as such he possesses a great level of skill with Busoshoku Haki being considered a master in it's sue. He is able to imbue his body parts with Haki to turn them black, giving him even greater offensive power, great enough to easily split the earth in two with a single Haki-imbued punch. Damien uses his skill with Busoshoku Haki to harden his body (or parts of it) to increase his offensive and defensive power.

Kenbunshoku Haki

He can often predict an opponents moves before they actually make it, this combined with his natural speed and Devil Fruit powers make him almost impossible for someone to pin him down or land successive hits.

Devil Fruit


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